Asian Business and Organization Campaign: Project Nine

Written by: Hannah Forsythe

Q: What is the mission of your organization?

A: Our organization's mission is to build a platform for young individuals around the globe which allows for youth to share their stories and help them in their future endeavors with our nine objectives in mind.

Q: Why did you start your organization? was there a specific experience that sparked the idea? A role model who did this?

A: After seeing the ongoing trends of the lack of knowledge on mental health, First-Aid, technology, and self-awareness in various schools in China and around the world, we started our organization. As students in Canada with a Chinese ethnic background, it was very emotional for us to see students our age unsupported in an unhealthy educational system. We recognize that more youth are struggling beyond their academics and seeking support. This is why we wanted to do our best to engage them with monthly initiatives that hopefully give them a place to share their voice and feel connected.

Q: How do you hope to help Asian-Americans through your organization?

A: As mentioned in our answers above, we look forward to bringing out a platform for not just Asians but also youth coming from all backgrounds. Our summer and October projects involve building a safe and inclusive platform online and using it to provide back for kids in our local community. We also have a bilingual podcast coming soon dedicated to mental health that hopefully gives some guidance and support to youth (especially Chinese speaking individuals, since few to none of these podcasts, are dedicated to this mental health support in Chinese).

Q: What hardships and troubles have you faced so far?

A: Like many youth-led organizations and businesses, we've faced many challenges during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many projects and collaborations were not able to take place physically due to safety precautions. We've had to take extra time from our academic and private lives to work out communicational, operational, and marketing issues. However, we are glad to have each other and to work through these challenges as a team. Both of us are happy and proud of what we have accomplished given the current circumstances. We wish to continue our success in the coming years and are hopeful for what's to come!

Q: If there is anything at all you could say to the world, what would it be?

A: We want to say that there is no categorizing issues as "small or big," if there is a problem, we must address and attempt to resolve it! Everybody's problems deserve to be addressed and followed up with guidance and support. We also would love to encourage everyone to reach out to us if they need someone to talk to or are looking for a platform to share their voice, projectNINE is more than happy to support everyone on their lifelong journey!

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