Asian Owned Business and Organization Project: The Circulasian Project

Written by: Madison Duboise

1. Tell me a little about your organization.

2. Why was this something you wanted to start?

3. How did you get the project started, what did it take?

4. How do you think you are making a difference in the Asian community?

5. What is the goal of your project/organization?

6. How do you hope to make a difference with what you are doing?

7. What kinds of things do you like to post on your social media?

8. Tell me a little about your website and your options to submit works.

9. Why is art, literature and discussion the key focus of your organization and how it plays into the importance of Asian culture?

10. Tell me about your team members and what they do.

1) Circulasian is a youth organization that strives to appreciate the diversity of Asian cultures through art, literature, and discussion. Each month, we focus on a different region of Asia and dig into the cultures of that area, while also focusing on holidays celebrated throughout the continent. Our hopes are to use our platform as a voice for Asians all over the world to share their talents and more importantly, their cultures/experiences.

2) Growing up as an Asian American, there were always these moments where I felt out of place and embarrassed of my family, our traditions, and focused so deeply on our differences that I failed to understand how those differences made me and my culture unique. But, over quarantine, I realized that those thoughts were generated by a fear of rejection from others and a fear of dissimilarity, and noticed how there were so many others who felt the same as me. I also noticed how many arguments were caused by a lack of understanding, and through these realizations, I created Circulasian, an organization that is dedicated to creating change through education.

3) Getting Circulasian started was endless hours of planning and organizing each detail, making sure that we were ready to launch. About a month was spent deciding the executive board and afterwards, we spent time meeting and planning to gather new members/start uploading work. As of right now, we’re still in the process of getting funds, and once we do, our organization will continue to grow!

4) Although we are a fairly new organization, I have hopes of taking Circulasian very far. Circulasian can be a place for all Asians to feel represented and appreciated (for example, East Asians are often viewed as typical Asians and those from other regions are not considered Asian. Our goal is to represent all Asians as best as we can). Our hopes are to have Circulasian be a safe and welcoming community for Asians all over the world to feel accepted, appreciated, and represented. We are making a difference by representing the Asians that feel neglected and being a platform for them to truly feel appreciated.

5) As mentioned before, Circulasian’s goal is to appreciate the diversity of Asian cultures through art, literature, and discussion. As we grow, we hope to be able to cover more ground when it comes to other cultures and provide cultural education for those who still view differences as things to be ashamed of. Even more, we want to help Asians feel comfortable in their own skin and love (or grow to love) every aspect of their beautiful cultures.

6) We have hopes of helping Asians love their cultures as well as representing the Asians that often feel neglected. Some may not realize how amazing it feels to see representation, whether it be on the screen, in a book, or anywhere else. That representation makes you feel incredibly proud of your culture/people (and seeing someone of your ethnicity playing an iconic role is an indescribable feeling), and we want to be representative through the use of our platform. We hope that by representing Asian cultures on Circulasian, we will be able to help all Asians feel appreciated and loved--which they very much are.

7) On our social media, we post infographics that provide information on holidays, infographics that promote our literature/articles, and art that relates to Asians. In the near future, we will also start uploading podcasts to Instagram through IGTV. The articles/literature and art posted on our social media are all posted on our website.

8) Our website holds all of our art, literature, and soon to be podcasts. On it, you’ll find all the works that we have created so far, and it is where we will be posting all future pieces as well, along with upcoming events, our team, and more. To submit work, there are forms linked to the site that can be found on our home page! To submit art (we accept all forms of art, whether it be dancing, singing, painting, graphic design, photography, etc.), click the button labelled “Submit Your Art”, and to submit literature (we accept all forms of literature), click the button labelled “Submit Your Literature”. We accept all forms of art and literature as long as they relate to Asian culture/experience/heritage. To join our family, click the “Join” page and fill out the google form! Or be redirected to the google form by clicking “Join Today” on the homepage.

9) Art, literature, and discussion open up a variety of ways for us to celebrate the diversity of Asian cultures. Art is an endless expression that can take form through dancing, singing, painting, and so much more. Likewise, literature is a way for people to share their inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences as an Asian. We have plans of holding discussion through podcasts and also gatherings (likely over zoom), where we can build a community of Asians that come together and share their experiences. These three things, though they may seem average, open a door for our organization to form a family and to be a voice for Asians all over the world. Art and literature speak to people in different ways and we focus on that because we hope our work will speak to others as well (by educating them about our unique cultures), and if that is not enough, we have discussion to wrap it all up as we verbally share our experiences.

10) Although small, our team is full of efficient workers who put so much effort into making Circulasian thrive. Our executive board is made up of two Heads of Literature, two Heads of Artistry, a Director of Outreach, a Secretary, and a Vice President, who is also acting as our current Head of Media. We have a team of amazing writers, researchers, and infographic designers as well. The heads overlook those in their departments through editing work, giving feedback, and guiding them wherever they may have trouble while the rest of our members work hard to create pieces for us to share. We are also planning on opening more leadership and department member positions in the very near future.

A quote on our site and quote that I love says, “culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbor is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions.” - Paolo Coelho.

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