Asian Owned Business & Organization Campaign: Meet Alissa

Written by: Grace Moore

1. When did you start your company?

2. What inspired you to begin this business?

3. What is your favorite part about your business?

4. Do you plan on furthering your business and reach?

5. Has the pandemic affected how you do things or has it helped since people are online more often?

6. What is your favorite set of lashes you have created?

7. Do you also wear the lashes yourself? Could you send a small video of you showing us how to put a pair on if so?

8. Outside of your business, what is your favorite thing to do?

9. What is the hardest part of being a small business trying to grow your platform?

1.) July 2020

2.) I started this business because of my passion for makeup and celebrating diversity. I especially wanted to highlight Asian features that often get overlooked by western beauty standards.

3.) My customers!

4.) I plan on furthering my business by focusing more on my customers at UNC Greensboro. I host in-person pop up stores and offer free pick up for students.

5.) The pandemic definitely affected how I run my business. Sanitation of the products and packaging is a priority. All in all, the pandemic had a mostly negative impact on my business due to spiked international shipping rates on supplies I needed to run the business , especially from Asia.

6.) My personal favorite lashes are Shanghai because they complement the Asian eye structure, such as monolids and hooded eyes, so well!

7.) Yes I wear them whenever I get the chance! (free marketing lol)

8.) Outside my business I love eating and watching netflix!

9.) The hardest part about starting a small business is definitely learning how cash flow works and how to manipulate your money for maximum profit. I do not have a business degree, like many cosmetic entrepreneurs i know, so you have to teach yourself a lot of new things.

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