Exploring the Black Lives Matter Movement through Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”

Written by: Chayanon Kesorn

It is one of the most marvelous historical movies that you should not miss to promote all the black rights. Lee Daniels' The Butler or The Butler is an outstanding US drama historical movie directed by Lee Daniel, the famous African-American film producer. It was edited from the article in Washington Post, “A butler well served by this election” in 2008. If you love watching drama with some Color historical significance, this story is recommended. The major protagonist is Cecil Gaines, who represents the waiter in the White House. However, one of the most special parts of this movie is the story based on the truth of Eugene Allen, an American government head of butler who served in the White House for over 30 years.

Eugene Allen was born on July 14, 1919, in rural Buckingham Country, where there was an abundance of farmlands in Virginia. He was a waiter in many attractions and accommodations for many years. Eugene had started serving in the White House as a pantryman in 1952, and his position gently rose until he became the butler of the presidents. During his working life, he faced many tremendous situations and coped with some horrible and unpredictable circumstances. Nevertheless, he could work with his full abilities and had an excellent opportunity to serve 8 presidents in his life. He passed away in March, 31, 2020, and Allen's life was the inspiration of The Butler.

This movie shows how cruel of colored discrimination in the US. The butler had inspired from the actual sides of African-American people in the United States of America. Throwback to 1910-1940, it was known as the age of the Ku Klux Klan, they mentioned that only white people are the real Native American. Consequently, most of the colored people were in a risky time. According to the movie, Cecil was born in this period. When he was a child, he saw his mother who was a sex slave and who was shot by the white man. The white man did not have any guilt, while his mother was eliminated cruelly without any attention. His father also died because of the shooting of the white man because he was angry at the white man who had raped and killed his wife.

Cecil immediately became an orphan. This is one of many scenes illustrated that the white people at that time had more authority by the law and society.

Besides, in the role of African-American people in politics, the head butler in the White House was the highest position in government for colored people. They did not have any right to speak about politics. What they had to do was serve food, clean, gardening, and so on. The black people lacked access to some of the basic needs such as education, public toilets, transportation, medical treatment, etc. These are the features of the story why you should watch this movie. It is one of the historical dramas that you had better not miss.

In addition, The Butler is one of the BLM proud movies. It represents the BLM rights. We could see in the past, African-American people had been threatening inhumanely and barbarically. They were discriminated and most importantly, their independence and rights were confiscated. This movie is one of many fascinating movies that can advocate and promote the rights of BLM tremendously. Today many people are seeing more and more importance of Equality. As we are part of BLM supporters, we should call for the rights and be active for African-American people's trouble.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness

Only light can do that”- Martin Luther king

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