How people of color showed up in the 2020 election

Written by: Madison Duboise

In a presidential election people of color across the United States began to realize the importance of their individual votes and the voice people of color have together.

Black voter turnout has always been low, but we must take into account the ways that Blacks have been systematically denied the ability to vote.

We just recently began encouraging the black vote and the votes of other minorities in response to the positions we have been put in due to voting.

In 2008 Obama accrued 95% of the black vote, which counted for 12% of total votes. The first African American president, history was changed. Then it seemed all was reversed when Trump was elected in 2016.

After the extreme oppression and death of lives of color across the country in early 2020, it seemed the 2020 election would determine the path of the country for ages to come.

People of color showed up to the polls this last November like never seen before. Considering Georgia went blue for the first time in the past 28 years, it is an example that shows the power of the black vote.

Kamala Harris became the first African American and South Asian American woman vice president. Biden made the right choice of choosing Harris to be his running-mate, whether this decision was made to gain support of people of color, it worked.

"I want to speak directly to the Black women in our country," Harris wrote in a tweet Nov. 9. "Thank you. You are too often overlooked, and yet are asked time and again to step up and be the backbone of our democracy. We could not have done this without you."

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