How the Pandemic has affected POC mental health

Written By: Hannah Mutluri

Covid-19 hit between January and March 2020 globally, affecting education Institutions, businesses and jobs. This caused a huge economic fall across the world making it difficult for people to keep their jobs. everything had switched to virtual and made it tough for those who did not have those appliances. Many people's jobs also require them to do labour and get paid by the hour which makes it even more difficult because of all the lockdowns. people could not take risks as well as the virus was rapid and aggressive. Covid was not easy on anybody irrelevant of the age, sex and demographic. Anyone who did not take the proper steps to safety and sanitation was most likely to catch the virus. Even then during such a time, the BIPOC community has been degraded and treated as least important.

When the pandemic first striked, people belonging to the Chinese race were given disgraceful slurs and mistreated for no fault of their own. This brought up #stopasianhate. But what was disappointing was that people were so quick to trial and judge an East Asian Race and needed to throw hate towards them.

During this time health care is desperately needed but those from racial and ethnic minority groups are still finding issues and troubles to access health care and insurance

Let’s not forget the small businesses that are suffering the most especially since they're under the radar

How can you help in the midst of all of this?

  • Shop and buy items from smaller and non mainstream businesses who most likely have better prices for their products and better quality

  • If you are a business owner yourself, try to give as many equal job opportunities to all races. DO NOT DISCRIMINATE

  • If you cannot buy from these small businesses, please help support and interact with their websites and social media accounts

These times are trying. If you were a person in need, wouldn’t you need the support?

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