How to help Beirut explosion victims

Written by: Sarah Chase

Photo From: CNN

On Tuesday, an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon killed more than 100 people and injured more than 4,000 others. Many hospitals and critical facilities have been damaged and are struggling to do their jobs of helping the victims. Here are some ways you can help the victims and the people of Beirut.

The Lebanese Red Cross is the main provider of ambulance services in Lebanon, but due to limited funds, they are either late to the scene or cannot respond to 1 out of 5 calls. Donating to the Lebanese Red Cross helps ensure they can reach more people faster.

Impact Lebanon is a nonprofit organization that strives to raise awareness about Lebanon to bring it relief to the country. It also makes activism and volunteering available to make Lebanon a better country and have better communities. They have created a disaster relief fund for the beirut explosion that you can donate to.

Baytna Baytak is a charity that has housed 370 healthcare professionals in Lebanon due to the Coronavirus pandemic and has provided them with 3 meals a day with sanitisation services. They have teamed up with Impact Lebanon to raise funds to shelter those who have been affected by the explosion in Lebanon

Humanity and Inclusion and their other branches run healthcare programs in health and rehabilitation and social and economic integration. They work with local authorities to clear landmines and other war debris and use education to prevent mine-related accidents. They respond fast and effectively to natural and civil disasters to limit serious and permanent injuries and assist survivors’ recovery and reintegration. They have launched a campaign to help victims of the explosion.

If you are unable to donate, raise awareness. Post about it and talk about it. Inevitably, someone who is able to donate will because of the raised social awareness.

Cover photo and more photos from here: New York Times: "The Lebonon Explosions in Photos"

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