Human Zoos: The most shameful side of human history

Written by: Chayanon Kesorn

Humans are so brilliant! We can create an abundance of wonderful and fascinating attractions. Have you ever heard about a zoo? When you think of a zoo, you might think of the variety of animals, such as wild animals that are kept, so that people can look at, visit, or study them. Thanks to Stamford Raffle who was the first person to establish a zoo in 1826. However, people at that time had an unbelievable idea about a zoo. They did not have only the animal zoos. They built the most extraordinary and the weirdest zoos in the history of the world. A human zoo, the most stigmatic symbol of human discrimination in world history.

I think as a human, we have such a wonderful brain to create many things in this world. In contrast, we do not pay attention too much to our minds and spirits. I cannot believe that we used to have Humans zoo, the cruel discrimination between humans and people.

Throwback to the 15th century, it is well-known as the age of exploration. A number of courageous European people began to discover other regions in this world by using enormous ships throughout the oceanic voyage. The reasons why they explored the world was to seek the resource, needed goods, and new traders. Among the most famous explorers of the period were Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Pedro Álvares Cabral, John Cabot, Juan Ponce de León, and Ferdinand Magellan. After that, European nations started to participate in the Industrial Revolution, therefore many goods such as heavy machines, modern vehicles, facilities, and so on were manufactured and sold. Consequently, European traders had to find the resources for manufacturing and new markets to sell products.

Since the 18th century, European nations such as France, Great Britain, Spain, and so on started beginning to colonize inferior nations all around the world seriously and barbarically. Most of the nations that were colonized by the Europeans had to give all what they needed rigorously and it is the beginning of being the colonized slaves. Most European colonizers came to use their authority and righteousness to control over colonized nations unfairly and cruelly. That is the beginning of the most awkward tragedy “Human zoos.”

An Ethnological exposition is the luxury name that refers to a human zoo, where the variety of blacks, tribes, or colonized people were kept and opened to the tourists, mostly white people. During the 1870s-1930s or previous than that, humans zoos were outstanding and popular throughout the western world and the United States. Many black and yellow people, from the colonized countries, including tribes, natives from Asia, South America, and Africa, were shamefully shown at the Human zoos because the white people thought they were superior. Even the reason for establishing the Humans zoos was for the education, but the ways they forced them to show themselves was terrible and cynical.

These were some of the shocking Human Zoos. During 1878 and 1888 at the Parisian World Fair, moreover, 400 colored people were shown to the crowd of white people, in the zone called “Negro Village”

In 1896, Cincinnati zoos in the U.S provided the tribe performances and used Sioux tribes to be the actors and actress.

In 1906, Bronx Zoo in the U.S kept the Pygmy and Ota Benga and performed in the same cage as the Orangutans.

I would like to say why people in the past were super barbaric! I can’t believe why people created such a horrible place. Even the main purpose they claimed was for education, it was not that they mentioned. In essence, the people who were shown in the Human zoos terribly faced discrimination from the white people because they thought these people did not have any evolution, they had the difference from white people shamefully. I cannot stand that this happened. All tribes and colored people in this world are equal and independent. They have the right to act what they want properly. We have everything the same except skins and the origins, but we can stay together peacefully. I can’t understand why some people in this present time love berating, insulting different colored people and tribes. Because some people in the past did like this, and people in the next generation follow what they did. Let’s make our world better than the past! Start from you now! We are equal!

The history mentioned many incidents in order to save what happened with us in this world, but most importantly, we learned history in the past to make the world in this present and the future greater.

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