Immigrants need to be welcomed not feared

Written by: Madison Duboise

Immigrants seem to terrify our country more than people that live within it. How is it that someone that wants a better life or to get away from the terror of their own countries to come experience this “American Dream” our leaders push so hard are shunned and rejected by those same people? Why do those that work so hard to find their place in this world and try and give their families better lives get left with nothing because Americans think they are stealing jobs? Why does the place we were born have to stick with us and become such an important factor in so many areas if it is something we wish to leave behind?

While embracing your history and culture is extremely important, think of it like this. You are born with blonde hair and everyone tells you it is beautiful and you should never change it, but you want to. Why would you let a world full of people telling you “no” and trying to stop you change what you do? It is just that simple. Don’t.

Immigration policies and systems in America are those people telling you “no”, they are extremely corrupt and we have a leader who seems to want to brush under the table the horrible things ICE and his team do to immigrant families and children. ICE has become an abusive agency that has lost thousands of immigrant children and violating human rights. Our country as a democracy has attempted to stray far from a dictatorship in America but the truth is ICE is a dictator to immigrant mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins and children. These people have experienced some of the most traumatizing pain anyone could ever go through, having their parents and children ripped from their arms and lost forever because our officials can’t do their job right.

Immigrants not only make up America but are the key example of what it means to find freedom and be American. Immigration policies in our country are not shining examples of how we perceive our country to be, accepting and understanding. ICE has become the Trump of immigration and it is about time for the next term. Let's abolish ICE and let the people that will become our future peers, best friends and leaders into our country, without the anarchy that ICE will eventually become.

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