Interview with Sanika Prabhu: Owner of Scotch Studio

Interviewed by: Hannah Beryl

1. A brief introduction about yourself.

a. Where are you from

b. Your interests and hobbies

c. What you’re pursuing in your career

2. How did your business start initially? Where did the idea come from? And Is there any particular inspiration?

3. Tell us about your team. How do you guys work together?

4. As a young entrepreneur, what are the challenges faced with you and your team very often?

5. You may add additional information about your brand and business

6. A quick summary about your business in 2-3 lines

1. Hi, I'm Sanika Prabhu and I'm 18. I live in Pune and I enjoy all kids of arts and crafts ranging from canvas painting to embroidery.

Currently, I'm studying UI/UX and want to make a career out of graphics and animation.

2. My business started in 2020 and was a fruit of inactivity and boredom in lockdown. I quickly realized that the process of creating art brought peace to me and delight to others. The internet was the key inspiration behind my business.

3. Our team at Scotch Studio consists of three members so far. We split the work by dividing production, accounting and marketing between us. I like to think of us as a small family that is welcome to growth and new members.

4. As a young entrepreneur, I think the biggest challenge we've seen is to increase our reach. Since we're all young adults, it's not very often that we're taken seriously. Our shop is assumed to be a hobby or side hustle, instead of a serious venture.

Since we're selling online, there is an abundance of competition and as full time students it's difficult to make time for our ideas.

5. Our brand is 100% authentic and all our handmade pieces are created with love and care. Scotch Studio is something that has grown so close to me and I cherish our brand and team with all my heart.

6. Scotch Studio is an online store where we make and sell HandMade Resin Coasters and Jewelry. Our shop is based in Pune and we function primarily over Instagram (

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