Interview with the owner of Shea Butter Baby: Tamecia Sanders

Interview conducted by: Madison Duboise

  1. Please tell me your full name, your official business name, where you are located and about your education. My name is Tamecia Sanders and I am from Charlotte, NC. I graduated from Harding High and attended the Aveda Institute of Esthetics where I earned my Esthiology license.

  2. Where did your idea to start a business come from? Working long hours, being overworked and under paid honestly! I wanted to spend more time with my family and doing something I love. I actually started out as a L’Oréal makeup artist and decided to transition into skincare after deciding I wasn’t the “contour and lashes” type! Don’t get me wrong I love a full face on date night, but skincare is more of my thing, so I decided to make products that my entire family could use without worrying about hidden ingredients and harmful additives. I have teenage daughter with severe allergies, a son with eczema and a baby with sensitive skin so my goal was to create products for every skin type, that could literally be used on all ages and that’s what keeps me focused.

  3. Tell me about the start-up of your business. How did you feel once you finally opened up? I had a million different emotions when we finally launched. I was completely clueless when it came to marketing, product development, branding and all the things you need to really grow a brand. I definitely had a lot of trial and error moments and basically learned as I went. I still am honestly, but I’ve learned a lot and am growing with my business, which I love.

  4. Who helped you start your business, what type of support did you receive from friends and family? My biggest support system has definitely been my children who help with as many small tasks as possible (they make cute models too!) my close friends who are trusting enough to be my guinea pigs for new products and my fiancé, who helps with day to day operations since he’s much more experienced in entrepreneurship

  5. What products do you specialize in selling? Tell me about some of your favorites. I specialize in handmade soaps, body butters, oils, scrubs and balms. My favorites would definitely be the Cocoa and Calendula Whipped Body Butter! The silky consistency, fluffy texture and subtle scent of organic cocoa is addictive and it’s amazing for the skin. I also love our Golden Glow Face and Body Oil because it’s completely Vegan, organic and can be used all over, even in hair!

  6. Why is selling these items important to you? These products are important to me because I think what you put on your body is just as important as what you put on it. Your skincare products are absorbed into the skin so you want to make sure you’re using skin loving products to nourish it! Having products that can safely be used on the entire family, from newborns, kids and teens to expecting mamas, working adults grandma and grandpa is extremely convenient

  7. Tell me the process of creating and selling your products. So first we start with deciding what our demographic would benefit from and begin creating the formula for that product. Once we have a formula we like and that has tested well, we begin sourcing the ingredients. Making sure everything is sustainable, high quality and organic when possible. We carefully measure and document what is needed and order our containers domestically. Once we print our order sheets we begin hand making each product, printing labels and packaging. We currently sell primarily online, but are exploring offering an exclusive product line in some retail locations very soon!

  8. What do you do on a normal day for your business, walk me through that. On a normal day I am taking any extra time I can to respond to customer inquiries, update inventory, review analytics to see how we can improve. I listen to a lot of podcasts on marketing and branding for new ideas and tips for increasing engagement. I also like to browse social media for ideas on posting consistently interesting content for my followers

  9. What do you enjoy about running your business, what things can be hard at times? Right now the hardest part of running a business would definitely trying to juggle the demands of the business, working a full time job, running after 3 kids and staying sane! It is extremely stressful at times, but this brand is my baby so I’m learning to adjust! I really enjoy the feedback I receive from my Shea Butter Baby Family. Whenever I get an email or a tag notification with a customer saying how much they love our products or how our products helped clear their skin condition it makes everything worth it! I love it!!

  10. What growth do you hope to see from your business in the future? I hope to see us continue growing our e-commerce platform and building a loyal following! I also see us being featured in Baby boxes across the US and having products in retail locations as well!

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