Man creates clothing brand to spread love

Written by: Sarah Chase

When it comes to relationships, platonic, romantic or even with yourself, love is one of the most important factors. Matthew Papamie is only 21- years-old and has learned from his experiences and...

Papamie was facing the struggle of knowing who was really on his side and what love really was for him. He was thinking about the people in his life and came to one decision from the mental turmoil.

“I feel, at the time, I was in a space where I was really questioning the love that some people had for me and even addressed to myself what love means to me,” Papamie said. “So one night, I was literally sitting in my room and decided if the love is real then it won't die.”

After coming to that conclusion, Papamie decided to start his own clothing brand. The words read “Real. Love. Never. Dies.”, but love is replaced with a heart and bandaging wrapped around it.

“Sometimes [when] dealing with love and wearing your heart on your sleeve, you’re going to have battles. The bandages signify the heart being held together despite being so fragile already,” Papamie said.

Papamie started his business on April 10, 2020 and has been working really hard not only to get his brand out to the public, but his message as well.

“I try to promote my business everyday on all of my social media. TikTok is the primary source of my promoting right now,” Papamie said. “When dealing with packaging orders it varies from day to day depending on how many orders I get. I try to package and make post office runs every two to three days.”

With hard work also comes stress. Papamie is always trying to make sure that his brand continues to be unique.

“I think [the stressful part] making sure I’m always trying to stay creative with content for my brand because I want it to be an interactive brand for my customers,” Papamie said.

He works hard, but he is not alone. He has received a lot of positive feedback and the people around him make sure to be his constant motivators. His friends also model clothes for him.

“My support system has been great! Especially in my own city. I didn’t expect a lot of people to support so much early on,” Papamie said. “My parents also motivate me everyday with words of encouragement to keep going.”

With elections and people in the streets protesting there can be an overwhelming amount of negativity. Papamie wants to encourage people to “spread love and positivity around.”

“There’s so much hate and bad news going around that it can really mess with people's mental and attitudes. So remind someone that you love them. Just like my motto, “'Through thick and thin keep loving,'" Papamie said.

Seeing his customers wearing his products makes Papamie not only happy, but motivated to keep going. It reminds him of the impact he is trying to make on the world.

“My favorite part is seeing people in my pictures or in person wearing my brand and telling me they love what my brand represents,” Papamie said. “It just motivates me to keep going and that I am slowly starting a positive movement with my brand.”

Papamie wants his business to be known worldwide and also be known to make a difference in the world. His only advice is to “start today and never look back.” He also believes his brand has widened because of his message and he plans to live by his own words.

“My brand is 100 percent me and I am a big lover by nature. Just like my motto, “'Through thick and thin keep loving'”, that is exactly how I am going to live my life,” Papamie said.

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