Masked Society

Written by: Madison Duboise

Today our society is masked with ignorance, hate and fear. Masked by the emotions brought on by societal indifferences and stereotypical judgement. Masked by influences from a world that many question.

Kids live in constant fear whether or not they can walk the halls without finding a bullet in their chest. People of color fear for their safety every stride they take down the sidewalk on their way home. Women fear for themselves as they load their groceries into their cars.

There are people living in shame of who they are or in fear of what they look like. We are being systematically separated and our leaders do not seem to understand the urgency of the change we need as a human race.

Due to COVID-19 our lives have become socially distanced along with our beliefs. There cannot be any solutions that come from separation.

We can not breathe forever with these masks protecting us from disease, we can not breathe forever with this heavy mask covering this society full of ignorance, hate and fear.

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