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Written by: Gianna

In a world where people are constantly comparing themselves to others and discovering themselves at the same time, it is so important that the young people of the world have positive influences surrounding them. For many of the current generation, social media and technology has had an influence on them since a young age, unfortunately causing them to find faults in their own beauty and not feel as confident.

TikTok is an entertaining app that is taking the current and upcoming generations by storm, becoming an outlet where they can express themselves and share their interests with millions of people around the world. Although, as much as it is a positive place for young minds, it can also become a toxic setting just as quickly.

According to a study found on Omnicore Agency’s website, 41% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24, there is currently a total of 800 million users on TikTok today, and 90% of TikTok users revisit the app more than once a day. Millions of young girls and boys have TikTok available to them, giving them access to view thousands of edited videos where users only show the best parts of themselves.

The problem with apps like TikTok and Instagram isn't the app itself. In fact, apps like TikTok have shown it's users being positive towards one another when the time is needed. On one video of a woman wearing a bikini and being happy, the comments were mostly positive. One user commented, "Get it Queen! You are killing it!!", proving that people are not at all negative towards people being open and themselves.

But for so many people, the idea of beauty has become less of a reality and more of something that is unattainable. We look at all these celebrities, the users on TikTok, and pictures of people on Instagram and then looking in the mirror suddenly becomes a time where you don't see a beautiful person, but you only see parts of yourself that you wish looked different.




And with people as young as the age of 13 using the platforms, it is so important that we highlight the important fact that it is perfectly okay if you don't look exactly like the people you might see online. You're not supposed to.

Luckily, many women on TikTok feel the same way, and they're proving it too as they participate in the trend to promote body positivity.

Recently on TikTok, many of the young female influencers have taken it upon themselves to promote all body types and body positivity, by dancing together in a duet chain with their bellies out.

The trend was begun by Lizzy Khang, whose video now has been viewed 15.9 million times. But since then, more people have joined in, such as Sienna Gomez, whose video reached 18.4 million views.

Sienna Gomez since then has continued to promote body positivity on her TikTok platform, reassuring people that they are beautiful no matter what, and proving beauty also comes from a person's energy and personality. Not too long ago, she posted a video of her eating, saying that she wanted her viewers to return to it when they were having trouble eating.

For so many young minds, creators like that are needed because they remind us that you don't need to fit the "perfect" body size because there is no single body type.

These women coming together really helps solidify the fact that not all bodies are perfect, but that all bodies are beautiful. One person is not the only representation of beauty, and a single person should never hold the standard of beauty in their hands. Beauty is not always referring to a person's body or their physical features.

It also distinguishes the beliefs that TikTok is a negative app for young minds. Because while it can be too much at times, it can teach a number of things that many would not know otherwise, and it has been a major factor in helping people who are struggling with their body issues, or are learning to love themselves.

Social media may not be perfect, but the way people can gather together and work towards common goals makes it an amazing place to visit.

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