President Joe Biden's Plans for America

Written by: Hannah Forsythe

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On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, Joseph R. Biden was sworn into office. The former Vice President has taken his place as the 46th President of the United States. Now that he is in office, what should we expect from President Biden? What are some of his plans for the future? What should we, as Gen Z, expect from our new president?

For most of Gen Z, I have a feeling that out of all his plans- we’ll be paying the most attention to the ones on student loans and college. According to President Biden and Vice President Hariss’s website, they have three main goals to help deal with these problems: “ Invest in community colleges and training to improve student success and grow a stronger, more prosperous, and more inclusive middle class.Strengthen college as the reliable pathway to the middle class, not an investment that provides limited returns and leaves graduates with mountains of debt they can’t afford. Support colleges and universities that play unique and vital roles in their communities, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions.” The hope is that this generation will not fear the cost of college and will be able to get education after high school. His website states that they hope that “Americans [will have the] chance to join or maintain their place in the middle class, regardless of their parents’ income or the color of their skin.”

Another plan that Gen Z will take a particular interest to will be Biden’s plan for Black America. Every person on the planet knows that Gen Z is all about racial equality and making sure everyone has a voice. The Biden Administration acknowledges that and has a plan set to help uplift Black voices. The website states the plan as follows: “Advance the economic mobility of African Americans and close the racial wealth and income gaps. Expand access to high-quality education and tackle racial inequity in our education system. Make far-reaching investments in ending health disparities by race. Strengthen America’s commitment to justice. Make the right to vote and the right to equal protection real for African Americans. Address environmental justice.” With this plan, the Biden Administration hopes to “root out systemic racism from our laws, our policies, our institutions, and our hearts.”

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