Review on Hamilton: The movie

Written by: Grace Moore

Since I was in the seventh grade, I have loved the soundtrack for the Broadway musical, Hamilton. The brilliant creator and star, Lin Manuel Miranda has captured the heart and minds of millions around the world. However, I had basically come to terms with the fact that I would never get to see it on stage, at least not for several years. Although it was my dream of a lifetime, it was far too expensive for a high school kid with a minimum wage job. But then that all changed.

When it was announced that #Hamilfilm would be coming to Disney Plus, I was ecstatic. And since it’s been released (less than a week ago, I might add) I have watched it three times, and sang the songs at work throughout my entire shift.

It is nothing short of AMAZING. Being able to have the visual with the songs makes me ten times more emotional. To see Phillipa Soo’s face when she sings “The orphanage…” is enough to make anyone with a heart cry. The entire cast is SO talented. The fact that Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs AND Jasmine Jones played two different characters in each act…. BRILLIANT. I have yet to see so much talent in any other single thing in my entire life. Hamilton tells stories we never would’ve known, such as John Laurens’ fight against slavery before he died.

Everything about it makes me want to watch it again and again and again, and I implore anyone who has not watched it to do so, as SOON as possible.

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