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Written by: Chayanon Kesorn

What is school? It is a place where children go to be educated. Not only providing the education to all the students but also giving such excellent morals and useful skills. It seems like schools are one of many safest places because they are students and teens. Safe place? Really? It is not honest. In my own perspective, students are encountering an abundance of diverse types of bullying.

Let's understand the bullying. What is bullying? Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical, and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social, and/or psychological harm. This is the meaning of the National Center against bullying in Australia. As you can see today, it seems that schools are full of bullying. These are all the types of bullying from the very Well Family.

1 Physical Bullying

2 Verbal Bullying

3 Relational Aggression

4 Cyberbullying

5 Sexual Bullying

6 Prejudicial Bullying

It is not big trouble, but it is obligatory that we pay attention. As my school is the school of free bullying. Really? Absolutely not. Every school in this world should have bullying people or gangsters. My school has certainly faced some bullying trouble. What we are going to do we are going to pay attention and against every inhuman situation. Not only fixing the causes but also focus and disseminate the right thing to the people. All of these are going to be our Say-So policy to create the school more livable.

What is Say So?

Say So means the right or power to make decisions. We are a non-profit organization established to share knowledge and run campaigns on various topics that our students should know and be aware of. We are now in the procedure of recruiting members to the organization.

Our mission

Our firm targets are to emphasize the bullying problem, let every student criticize the importance of bullying, and disseminate the general knowledge about bullying so as to make our school free from bullying as much as we can do the best. All of the students in my school can join our campaign. We are also focusing on sexual harassment and cyberbullying. We are going to first create the poster to share how the cruelty of bullying and sexual harassment for every student to see the importance. Then we will add more collaborators to our teams.

Structure of working

Say-So has so firm structure of working. All collaborators respect each other and listen to every opinion to propel our campaign. We also recruit everyone interesting in joining our campaign.

What is going to be our expectation?

Say-So is a very new organization; we were created last few months. We do not acquire a big change in our school, but we would like to see every student are enthusiastic and paying more attention to bullying. We also hope that Say So will be continued further even after we graduated from school.

Current members

Over 20 people

No one deserves to be bullied. No matter what kind, bullying is never fun

Yongyong - Information and contact team

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