Stop cultural appropriation

Written by: Aniyah Bryd

As TikTok has shown a big exposure to the Black Lives Matter movement. Creators on the app have shown the problems that have degraded the black community from doings of other minorities or races.

Doing things of sort as blackfishing, wearing box braids, discrediting things that the black community has passed along from centuries ago, and it doesn’t just go as far as the black community but other minorities too. Like hispanics, asians, and Native Americans have been discredited as well. Now you might think it’s just a hairstyle or maybe it’s just fashion, but it all has a deeper meaning to it.

Throughout the early 80’s - the early 2000’s as pop culture was being evolved like things including rap, chicano culture, black sitcoms, box braids, cornrows and things of that nature. The minorities of that sort were being called ghetto, ratchet, and even went as far as calling us La’Kisha, Sha’quisha, or Shanaenae to represent that we are ghetto.

Though we continued to thrive through pop culture, as the late 2010’s - to today the braids that African Americans were being called ghetto and unprofessional for were being popularized from your favorite fashion models and Kim Kardashian renaming them to “Boxer braids.” Even within the Hispanic community as bandanna tops were starting to become more of a fashion trend and Asians with their dresses society making them short and revealing appropriating culture.

As minorities from these communities were speaking up about the appropriation. Comments like “it’s just a hairstyle” & “you don’t own a dress” were being made towards these communities. It would help if you didn’t appropriate these things and found other things to embrace our culture if you love it!

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