Teen's lipgloss business blooms overnight

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Written by: Sarah Chase

There seems to be multiple small businesses that sell lashes, lipgloss and many other beauty products. Monica Silva, the 19-year-old small business owner of Audacity Cosmetics, is one of the many people who sell lipgloss and lashes. But Silva became an overnight success in her endeavor.

Silva decided to start her own business for the freedom it brought. After working at a mall, she questioned whether this was the life she wanted for herself especially after seeing family members successful in their paths.

“I never enjoyed working for someone else, I found it very limiting. I would ask myself ‘Is this really what I am going to do for the rest of my life?’ Also, I have family members who own their own businesses so growing up I loved how I could see them work, and prosper,” Silva said.

Silva decided to quit her job and has now accumulated over 55K on her business Instagram as well as 615K on her business TikTok. Her life changed overnight after one video she posted gained the attention of more people than she could have ever imagined.

“I made a TikTok sharing my story and clips of what I was doing behind the scenes, and it got 300K views in one night. I had a vibe that the video would do good and as I was on my for you page minutes after posting, I saw the red numbers increasing quickly! I did not think it was going to do THAT good,” Silva said. “I refreshed the page and it had been getting so much engagement and I started tearing up because after so much hurt, and bad experiences I had been having personally back then, prior to my decision of being my own boss, I took it as an open door, and an opportunity to do something for myself. So I kept posting consistently and got so many people messaging me that they wanted to buy, or congratulating me and saying they feel inspired to start a business of their own. Then my tenth video on TikTok got over nine million views, and I instantly cried! I couldn't believe it!”

Although Silva was surprised that she started a cosmetic line, she is grateful that she is “inspiring others to build something of their own.” While doing that, she is making sure that her products are vegan and cruelty free, but she also knew the importance of trial and error.

“Vegan products have fewer ingredients, it makes it easier for my lovely customers to identify what exactly they are putting on their lips,” Silva said. “Having cruelty free products makes a huge impact, and means that the ingredients and product itself has not and will not ever be tested on animals! As for making my first few lip glosses, it took me 13 formula ideas to figure out which formula I would be using long term. It was frustrating at first because either there were too many ingredients involved or not enough, especially getting that glossy smooth texture I was looking for!”

The name “Audacaity Cosmetics” did not just appear out of thin air. It took a lot of thinking and unlike some brands who may find the prettiest name, Silva decided there needed to be meaning behind her brand name. With a few in mind, she knew she wanted something unique and not overused.

“I wanted to differ from others and have my business not only promote the quality of my products but to also promote the meaning I want for my business. Until, I came up with 'Audacity Cosmetics' no one else had claimed that brand name, so I did, legally. Audacity means the willingness to take bold risks! Striving for one's desire, bringing out the badass within oneself!

Silva had enough experience to build her website, but she needed to do almost two years of research on ingredients, supplies, how she would market her brand and much more. From the beginning, Silva understood that she needed to work hard and sometimes hard work can make a person feel overwhelmed.

“When I am stressed or find myself unmotivated I either give myself one day off to relax, be with family, and menatally give myself credit/a pat on the back to appreciate what I am doing,” Silva said. I have a notebook I like to write on and take notes of how I feel, or what I did that day, and it helps me reconnect with those feelings and reminds me that I am doing something big, and helps get back on track mentally and emotionally. I LOVE THE FEELING OF HUSTLING! I can never stop. On my days off, I still work on emails, planning, sketching, typing down my ideas, creating content, etc. Basically doing things I do not do in my office.”

That hard work and determination has allowed her to plan more for her brand. Silva wants to release merch in the future, so she can “apply her creativity to apparel” as well as more products. As a result of her success, she finds that tough because she is constantly selling out, packing orders, and restocking. Especially with the lip gloss that is at high demand at the moment.

“My favorite product at the moment is Adorar Lip Gloss. It is my best seller, it is the perfect nude that has a buildable pigment.. I love to use it on a daily basis whenever I do a light makeup look,” Silva said.

Silva applies almost all of her day to her business. Although she has reached a magnitude of success, she makes sure that she keeps going to reach even more success. She is responsible with her days and knows it will pay off in the long run.

“A typical day in my life is doing emails, writing down on my planner in the mornings, going to my office and working there all afternoon, sometimes for the rest of the day or using my nights for creating and planning content. I do many things on different days depending on the workload, but me being the workaholic, I love to plan my weeks out, so I don't miss anything important,” Silva said.

Silva loves to inspire and her main advice so that you can do so too is to “be yourself, do it for yourself, for yourself.” She has been able to overcome all of the odds and wants her audience to know they can too.

“Do not let the opinions of others distract you from what you want to do,” Silva said. Make your passion your paycheck (a quote from @bossologyco), and always start off your desire with writing on a notebook, it is how you will never forget the ideas and goals you have set for yourself and your business.”

Silva's 'Audacity Cosmetics' Instagram

'Audacity Cosmetics' Website

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