Teen starts clothing brand for all styles

Written by: Sarah Chase

Many girls are finding their love and sense of style through boutique clothing. Filipina owned store Dom & Luna was founded and currently owned by Beatrice Lim. Her store provides not only clothing, but jewelry and handbags as well. The sizes go to a large and she has a stretch collection that anyone to a size 16 can enjoy.

Lim wants her boutique to appeal to every style. Her clothes accentuate women making them feel confident and comfortable in not only what they are wearing, but also in their body. Lim wants to make sure that her customers enjoy their products and get the best from what they pay for.

“My shop has a bunch of different styles from femme, to edgy, to 2000s fashion,” Lim said. “I feel like my shop has a bunch different varieties to offer compared to other boutiques and of course also my packaging! My customers love my packaging and freebies. I always update it whenever I can so I can bring something new to every order.”

Owning and operating a business is hard when the only employee is you. It takes long nights and early mornings, but Lim is dedicated to making sure that she can work in the most efficient way possible to grow her store and get things done.

“I work in my garage and I live in California so it is always like an oven during the day. I work at night when it’s cooler so I pack orders then. During the day, I usually focus on local deliveries and making sure my social media platforms are constantly updated,” Lim said.

Spending time on a business is crucial to making sure customers continue to buy from that store. Some business owners make sure that they spend the most effort on marketing or product pictures, but Lim makes sure to put effort in her packaging.

“Packaging is a big part of my brand! I always update my packaging whenever I can and it takes me about 9 hours to pack 50 orders,” Lim said. “It takes a lot of time but it does a lot for branding & marketing.”

Something every small business can relate to is low sales some days or weeks. Lim has those times as well. She then tries her best to pull people into her store and tries to turn that situation into a good experience.

“When sales are low I try my best to make good out of it. I take my time counting inventory, working on discounts/codes, doing a lot of paperwork and of course still continue to market my business,” Lim said.

Lim has many customer favorites, one being the cloud bag, but she also has her personal favorites as well.

“I love everything from my shop but if I had to choose, it would be the Cloud Bag, Clementine Sweater and Trixie Knit Top,” Lim said. All of them have amazing quality and I can’t stop wearing them!”

Starting her business during the pandemic, she finds it easy to manage her time right now. She has more time to get things done then she did before as a biology major in college. She is grateful for the free time she was given to navigate herself and her business.

“Since I am stuck at home, it’s easier for me to manage my time. I started my business in quarantine and it was definitely easier to manage. Before quarantine I was a full time college student and I would not have seen myself doing this while in school especially as a biology major. This quarantine really helped me find my way and gave me a lot of time to manage everything without stressing out too much,” Lim said.

Most business owners have something that they appreciate about their business and are grateful to have because of their business. For Lim that is her relationship with her customers.

“The thing I love most about my business is the bond I make with my customers. I love seeing people enjoy my products and I love talking to them in general. This bond makes my heart the happiest and it is definitely my favorite thing ever,” Lim said.

Representation is just one issue for the BIPOC community. Being able to see minorities in places of power or in places that represent beauty is something that people of color are still fighting for. Lim has experienced this herself and knows how important it is to see more representation in all areas of society.

“As a Filipina, I have not seen enough representation worldwide until Bretman Rock became known,” Lim said. “I am sure other minorities have felt this way as well which is why it is amazing to see minority owned businesses out there. It just shows that anyone can do anything just as long as you work for it.”

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