Teen starts her own crochet clothing business

Written by: Grace Moore

Most 17 year olds are worried about homework, taking the ACT or video games. However, as social media makes the world more accessible to teens, and quarantine gives people across the country time to do even more, some create their own businesses.

Brianna Sipp is one of those teens, and she has made a business out of an art most of Generation Z in fact, does not know how to do. Sipp crocheted her way into the business industry.

“The virus is actually what pushed me to start selling my items,” Sipp said. “Since it caused my school to close earlier than usual and I self quarantined, I had a lot more free time on my hands to devout to crocheting.”

Sipp first learned to crochet when she was eight years old. As it is an extremely time consuming art, the time it takes to make her pieces varies quite a bit from set to set.

“Basic tops such as bralettes, tank tops, and tube tops usually take around 3 hours to make,” Sipp said. ”While my long cardigans can take up to a week to complete.”

Both of Sipp’s grandmothers also crocheted, which is what inspired her to learn herself. However, it was not always easy.

“I was so young when I first learned how to crochet, so I literally cried of frustration when I tried to learn. I learned completely through YouTube tutorials and after a couple days I finally got the hang of it,” Sipp said. “There are so many stitches and techniques when it comes to crocheting, so I still learn something new with every project I make.”

While Sipp does hope to take her business further one day, it was not always intended to be one, despite its success now.

“I never thought that I'd have the courage to open up my own business and to be involved with so many people that I didn't know because I was absolutely terrified of strangers. With having my business, it actually helped me get out of my shell and be more social. I think you can even tell the growth of me as a person and creator from my Instagram feed as well,” I think my past self would be so proud of what I have become and would be cheering myself on day in and day out.”

Sipp’s favorite set also happens to be one of her most recent, a lavender tie dye wrap top and skirt set. It also was her first time tye dyeing one of her sets.

“I had so much fun making this set,” Sipp said. “To me, it's actually so much easier to tie dye crocheted items than it is to tie dye normal clothing! I absolutely love the look of tie dyed items and incorporating it with my art made it so much better.”

Sipp believes that this business is the best thing that ever happened to her, and feels it’s very important to support black businesses like hers because their voice and work need to be projected much further than it has in the past.

“In America, black people always have to work so much harder to be recognized for their work and with owning a business, they also have to put their all into everything that you do 24/7,” Sipp said.

Sipp also says she wants her supporters to know this about her business:

“All of my supporters helped me grow so much as a person and creator,” Sipp said. ”I will forever love the art of crocheting and love running everything completely by myself. It's so crazy how big my business has grown over the past 3 months all because of Covid-19 and this proves that good things can come out of a bad situation.”

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