The Civil Rights Movement fight for voting rights: Voting Campaign

Written by: Hannah Beryl

We are no stranger to Racism in our environment. Citizens being treated like outsiders for belonging to another race. Being treated as an inferior race. People given unequal treatment and stereotyped for the way “superiors'' have perceived them to be. I, as an Indian, have seen much discrimination shown towards me. From people being shocked about how educated and literate I am to being told that my skin complexion will look better fair. Each of us have either seen or experienced racial discrimination through different sources, social media, internet, past stories, news articles, blogs, etc. Many movements have taken place in order to bring equality and balance in our judicial system. Due to increase in globalization and industrialization over the decades, migration and trade have increased. America having a total of 300,000,000+ people currently living in the country will definitely compromise of different races. But not all Laws in times like the 1800’s gave all races equal opportunities and status as white Americans. Black American Racism dates all the way back to the 1400's. In the 1600’s to satisfy the need of labour for the growing economy and industries, the white Europeans turned to a cheaper source: Africans as slaves. Black slavery spread quickly across the American colonies. They took the most resourceful and ablest men and women to work. They were stripped away of their rights and freedom. Most were transported with no consent of their own and forced to work. Many were separated from their families and black women endured non consensual intercourse. As the slave trade continued, Africans born and raised in the states became black Americans, making them no more an alien but still shown expressions of inferiority and hate. Along side with these discrimination emerged the Civil Rights Movement.

The Civil Rights Movement carried a wide number of various incidents and people. Famous activists such as Rosa Parks,Malcolm X, etc., made a big impact and influence on the causes of Racism, segregation, disenfranchisement, Jim Crow laws and socioeconomic inequality. The Civil Rights movement was an arranged effort by the Black Americans to end racial discrimination and gain equal rights under the Law. The movement appeared when Black Americans were not treated equally to that of white Americans. The Jim Crow Law segregated the public restrooms from the white Americans, different public transports, live in the same or different localities. Interracial marriages were illegal under this Law and most Black Americans could not vote in the south.

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