The invalidation of minority votes in the last election

Written by: Chayanon Kesorn

The 2020 US presidential election seemed to be one of the vastly crucial moments of all the Americans to select a person who will be carrying the future and leading the most majestic country, the United States of America. The United States presidential election between President Donald John Trump and Joseph Robinett Biden Junior started on November 3rd; many Americans had selected or voted for the president. There were so many thorough procedures for voting. Here you can check from Not only Americans waited for the election result, but many internationals kept tabs on the result closely too.

In general, there are three main parts of the United States elections. The House of Representatives is the lower house of a legislative body (such as the United States Congress). These are two leaders of the representatives of the two enormous parties in the United States. Nancy Pelosi represents the Democracy members and Kevin McCarthy represents the Republican members. House of senates known as the upper house. Together they compose the national bicameral legislature of the United States. In this election, Democracy could hold 221 votes while the republican could hold 213 votes of representatives. Consequently, the last part is the presidential election that will judge the country's development.

The tellers counted the votes thoroughly and fairly in the section of the presidential election. In November, 4th Both parties had approximate votes. The swing states were the keys that showed who will be the next president. At first, Trump won Texas, Florida, Ohio, and he had more than votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. On the contrary, Joe Biden won two small states, which are Arizona, New Hampshire. Besides, he had more votes in Nevada. It seemed like Donald John Trump had more votes than Joe Biden.

However, there was one strength event in US history. President Trump promulgated he is the winner of this election, but the counting did not finish as you can from It showed that he was not impressed with this election and claimed that this election is a fraud. Finally, and obviously, president Joe Biden became the president-elect, and Kamala Harris held the vice president-elect on November, 7th, 2020. Joe Biden is a winner of the election, not president Trump. In contrast, Trump did not accept this result, and he still believed that it was fraud and it was not legal. He trusted he was cheated on this election shamefully.

One major factor why President Joe Biden is a winner of the presidential election might be thanks to Blacks. Most of the blacks voted for Biden and the points changed because of blacks. Some states that used to go to the Trump base were changed because of Black communities and alliances. Finally, Joseph Robinett Biden Junior became the president-elect. He said "You've always had my back, and I'll have yours," he promised.

However, Trump did not happy with this. He tried to push to invalidate votes in heavily black cities. He claimed and sued that these votes were invalided. Every American deserves to know that our elections are conducted in a legal manner. Trump is trying to disenfranchise Black voters. Some states that used to select Trump, changed because of Blacks' votes. The election seems to be the most shameful side in US history that symbolizes how discriminated against Trump. In addition, this is the greatest enemy of democracy.

On the contrary, Americans choose empathy. They voted mostly for Democracy, which will change the United States freedom. Lastly, America is the land of every American people. The People are the hosts of the country equally.

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