The teen entrepreneur making teen dreams come true

Written By: Sarah Chase

Becoming a teen entrepreneur is a risky and hard mission to accomplish. Most teens do not even know what they want to for the rest of their lives, but Julie Johnson has already figured out what she wants to do with her life and how to help those who envision owning and expanding their own business. With just starting out her brand Julie Johnson Creative, it has been a challenge believing in herself and having others believe in her too. Doubters did not hesitate to express their concerns for her success, but Johnson made sure to never let any doubts get in her way. “ Yes, people doubted me. The people who doubted me were my own family unfortunately, but it only motivated me to work harder,” Johnson said. “There is a quote that I heard a long time ago, ‘If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will’. Remembering that everyday when doubt is surrounding me, empowers me to continue creating my dream.” Johnson’s main goal is to help small and starting out entrepreneurs. She wants to help them accomplish their dreams of turning what they love to do into a career. Johnson has worked with larger companies as well and has tons of experience with helping any business seeking assistance. She needed a coach to begin, so she recognizes the importance of having one. “I specifically chose small businesses as my audience because I want to help small entrepreneurs turn their passion into a business,” Johnson said. “I would like to help small businesses simply because as a small business owner I can relate to not knowing what to do or how to do it. I chose to help people reach their goals because I know there are entrepreneurs in the world who don’t have a support system. If I didn’t have my business teacher show me the ropes, I would definitely be relying on Google!” Entrepreneurship as an African American is difficult because of the history of discrimination against their race. Being a person of color does have its everyday struggles. When being an African American starting a business, the worries are different than what any other entrepreneurs might experience. There might be mental barriers entrepreneurs of color have to overcome. “As a black teen entrepreneur I sometimes worry that clients will not see me as credible. Therefore, I try to learn in every way, shape, and form,” Johnson said. “I believe that learning is continuous and that even though my family doubts me and clients may doubt me due to race or age, I should not have to prove my worth. Instead they will see it through the work and insight I can provide.” When coaching teens, Johnson mainly focuses on their Instagram and YouTube platforms. She provides two classes to help teens start and expand their brand to be successful. She wants to make sure her clients are prepared and get the best knowledge to advance their business. “I offer both consultation programs and social media management, in hopes of creating services that both long-term and short-term clients can benefit from,” Johnson said. “Within those 2 offers I provide anything from content calendars to biweekly meetings. There are a variety of options, but that is a basic synopsis.” Johnson’s father is the CEO and founder of his own real estate company, so she knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to own a business. She has put a lot of time and energy behind her business and that is what keeps her motivated to help expand the brands of young teen entrepreneurs. “What inspires me to help other entrepreneurs with their business is personally understanding how much work is put into it,” Johnson said. “The first week I actively started working on my business, I believe I had 4 hours of sleep total. Though, it didn’t even bother me, creating Julie Johnson Creative was my new obsession!” Johnson does not plan on ending her journey to help teens with big dreams anytime soon. The enthusiasm she witnesses from her clients is what drives her to guide them. Johnson’s goal is to succor every person that comes her way and make their dreams a reality.

“What truly inspires me to teach businesses how to grow online is seeing their passion. Similar to me,” Johnson said. “I have a passion for helping people and I turned that into a business. If I can help at least one person turn their passion into a business, that they can create something big from, I have done my job.”

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