Things to do during quarantine

Written By: Sarah Chase

COVID-19 has shifted the lives of everyone around the world and staying inside can get crucially boring, but these are just a few things you can do to entertain yourself while staying home.

Start A Journal

With being inside, right now is the best time to explore yourself! Journaling is an amazing source for expressing your feelings and getting to know who you really are.

Go For A Walk

Take time away from social media and Netflix and go for a walk. It is still good to get fresh air and be around nature.

Read Read Read

It is hard for some to find joy in reading, but you just have to find what you are interested in! You do not have to just read books. You can find a blog to subscribe to and read their post or find a magazine to read! You can also read poetry or anything you find entertaining.

Write Letters

Texting is fun and easy, but letters are cherished more. You can decorate it or send a photo with it. People appreciate tangible things more than things received through the phone!

Go For A Drive

I am not condoning leaving your house to go visit friends or anything like that, but grab a mask and your keys and go for a drive! Do not make any stops that would put you or anyone at risk! Just drive around where you live with some music and sing along!

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