Top five reasons to watch Grey's Anatomy

Written By: Grace Moore

5. They have some of the most attractive people I’ve ever seen in my life: Between Jackson Avery, Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan, I don’t know how to handle all the hotness that radiates from those men. They even have their fair share of beautiful women, from Callie Torez to Meredith Grey.

4. It provides an excellent distraction from the current crisis: There’s so much going on within the plotline of this show, you can all but completely forget there’s a pandemic going on for a little while.

3 It never stops surprising its viewers: There are so many plot twists in EVERY season, it will always keep you on your toes.

2. It has SIXTEEN SEASONS: If you started season one today, it would take any reasonable person the rest of quarantine to finish (unless you’re like me, and never sleep because it’s so good you can’t stop watching, then it may take a little less time).

1. It has representation of SO many races, religions and sexualities: This show was 100 percent ahead of its time. It had LGBTQ+ representation with Callie Torez and Arizona Robbins long before gay marriage was legalized in America. It includes strong female lead characters that are black, white, latinx, gay, straight, bi, christian, atheist and muslim. This show is the definition of inclusive and accepting.

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