White house staff test positive for Corona

Written By: Grace Moore

Amid reopenings across the country, cases of COVID-19 are actually increasing, and now the virus has found its way into the white house.

Along with President Trump’s personal valet, two members of the Vice President’s staff have tested positive for the virus. The president was reported to be in close contact with the valet, but his press secretary says he is regularly tested.

To add to the situation, Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant tested positive for the virus. It is believed the entire west wing of the white house has now been contaminated with exposure to COVID-19.

All of this comes near the 75th anniversary of the allied victory in Europe during World War Two. President Trump had several veterans, ages ranging 96-100 to celebrate this day on May 8.

Despite the high risk of these veterans, the president is not seen wearing a mask during the event. He says however, “As you see we stayed far from each other, and the wind was blowing with such a force and in such a direction that if the plague ever reached them I’d be very surprised.”

Vice President Pence has also stated that he will not be self-isolating after his exposure to the virus. There has been no further comment from the white house about the potential exposure of the entire west wing.

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