Why Breonna Taylor's family is suing the Louisville Police

Written by: Sarah Chase

An attorney representing the family of Breonna Taylor has filed a lawsuit against Louisville Police. The 10-page complaint states that “there is a reasonable basis to believe that misinformation has been presented to the general public regarding the usage of body cameras by several members of the LMPD,” according to the Washington Post who obtained the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also states authorities withheld the body camera footage that could have explained what happened the night of March 13 when the 26-year-old was murdered. None of the officers involved in Taylor death were charged with killing Taylor mainly because there was no bodycam footage provided, but there was footage after the fatal shooting.

The bodycameras used by LMPD are Axon body cameras and according to the family’s legal team, “Axon body cameras programmed to activate automatically in circumstances such as during and after the shooting.” Those circumstances include the lights from the police vehicles near Taylor’s apartment, and vehicles as the scene had their light bars activated.

“‘Simply put, it would have been difficult for most of the LMPD members with body cameras … to not have had their Axon body cameras activated at one point or another” during the raid, the lawsuit says according to the Washington Post. “‘Even those who may have left cameras in vehicles or other locations should have been activated to an event mode from a buffering mode, so long as the camera was within range of Signal unit.’”

According the Washington Post, the complaint also stated that “The plaintiffs, and the public, have an uncompromised right to know whether undisclosed body-camera footage exists, or otherwise previously existed, from LMPD Axon Cameras which relates to the events surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor.”

Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor told ABC News “From day one, my goal has been to learn the truth about what happened to my daughter, Breonna Taylor, and to hold those accountable for her murder responsible. I, along with my family and the public, have a right to know if additional body-camera footage exists and the information sought through this open records lawsuit will give us this information.”

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