Why most people absolutely love Timothée Chalamet

Written by: Hannah Forsythe

Hanging With Hannah

For my first ever Hanging with Hannah article, I had a dilemma. It was pretty simple: what in the world do I write about. With my column, I’m allowed to write about whatever I want. I could give advice, do a book review, tell you why you should spend the next three weeks doing nothing but binge watching The Office. But I wanted my first column article to be about something- or in this case someone- that means the world to thousands of people, and most importantly, to myself. That someone is Timothée Hal Chalamet. This someone is a rising movie star that thousands of people, especially teenage girls, absolutely love. But something’s different with Timothée. He barely gets any hate. And the hate he does get? It’s from people who don’t even know who he is and are just bashing on his incredible good looks. Why does Timothée have such a solid, loyal, and loving fanbase, though? How does this 24-year-old actor capture the minds and hearts of everyone who encounters him?

The answer is quite simple actually. Timothée has the most adorable, quirky, and sweet personality that anyone could encounter. I first discovered Timothée during quarantine. Yes, I know. Bash me all you want for being such a newbie fan who probably doesn’t know every detail of him, but I was quick to learn as much as I could about the Little Women actor. I went on a deep dive through the depths of Instagram and YouTube to find out as much as I possibly could on this man. The one thing that stood out to me, other than his ravishing good looks, was his amazing personality. I wasn’t the only one who thought this too.

For this article, I decided to reach out to a fan account I follow, @Chalamet_Vibes, run by Zanda, on Instagram. Zanda runs a successful fan account with over 20K followers and she’s been a fan since 2018, so she is definitely a Timmy fan. When asked on why she thinks that most people love timothée, she gave the answer we all knew deep down, “ he’s everything you hope he’ll be.” Zanda couldn't be more right, in my opinion. You look at Timothée and- at least in my eyes- you see the literal perfect image of a human. He has amazing fashion sense, striking eyes, and the effortless curls that make every girl go insane.You look at him and think, “wow, I hope he’s cool and not a douche celebrity.” Once you dig deeper, watch some interviews, take a few days to watch his tear-jerking performances, and get lost in fan edits, you realize that he truly is everything you wished for. Zanda explains this in a pretty simple way, “ everybody had imagined that perfect picture of a human, he has everything we dreamed of.”

Of course, when you look at Timothée, you're first mesmerized by the beauty he holds. He is able to embrace his femininity, out dress all the other male celebrities, and give that gaze that can make every girl swoon. But, Zanda explains how this isn’t really the best part of him. “I don’t think his appearance is the most loved [trait],” she says, “I think people love finding out that even though he’s beautiful, popular, and talented, he’s still humble and kind.” This can be proven on so many different levels. Timothée brings-and makes- bagels for his fans to take to his red carpet premieres, actually talks to his fans, and makes sure to show how thankful he is for what he has. Unlike most celebrities of this generation, he’s still down to earth and knows who he is. I don’t know him personally, of course, but I can tell just by the way he acts now compared to videos taken of him four years ago. The Call Me by Your Name actor is the same boy he is now and in 2016.

I know not everyone will agree or even flat out like this article, but that doesn’t matter. It’s me showing appreciation for someone I adore and look up to. During these tough times, he has been a guiding presence for many and has been out there protesting on the front lines. For me, this is the perfect time to advertise the amazing and kind person that Timothée Chalamet is. Him and his quirkiness may be an escape for someone struggling right now. Please remember that there are tons of petitions to sign, foundations to donate to, and many ways to help the Black Lives Matter Movement from home. Also, big thank you to Zanda from @Chalamet_Vibes for agreeing to let me interview her, you rock! If you want some premium Timmy T content, her account is a must.

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