Why political parties will be the fall of our nation

Written by: Sarah Chase

The democrats and the republicans. These two parties have been at war since the start of our nation and although I am a strong liberal, I realize how this separation in the U.S. has caused more harm than good. The differences the parties share has caused them to behave as children and I understand the frustration with arguing with the other side, but the parties do not value the ability of agreeing to disagree and coming to a compromise.

Founding father, Alexander Hamilton, said that the political parties are “the most fatal disease” and Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, also said that the two parties “are very old and have disputed the possession of the world ever since it was made”. And these two men were right. The parties are toxic to each other and the nation.

Living in a southern conservative state, I have come in contact with people my age who have and express conservative views and I have had my fair share of disagreements with classmates, but at the end of the day my classmates and I still treated each other with respect and friendship. We were able to laugh, talk and have fun together. We did not tolerate each other because our friendships were and are genuine. Sure we have opinions about the orange man in office, but we do not demean or hate each other because of it. The adults in office are the complete opposite.

The dems and the reps do not respect each other. They are not kind to each other and they fight the same way my brother and I did when I was in elementary school. I know we can all remember when the republicans threw a temper tantrum and shut down the federal government because the parties failed to reach a compromise. Why is it so hard for adult men and women to reach a compromise? Especially the people who are running the nation.

That separation has only been passed down to the citizens. Citizens are basically killing each other because of how they view the world should be. People are causing distress and failing to be united because of their liberal or conservative views, but are we not supposed to be united? Are we not the United States of America? It would be different if we were together despite our differences, but in a country that claims to promote equality, love and acceptance, we treat each other with inequality, hate and disapproval. Honestly it is laughable to claim we take pride in being the most diverse country when we fight over our diverse views.

The fact of the matter is that in order for us to grow as a people and as a nation, we need to come together. Treating each other with bigotry and hate is taking a step back. We will be the best country until we learn how to act towards each other. When we begin to say “I understand your views and you understand mine. Let’s do what is best for our country” we will begin the journey to be the greatest. Until then learn how to accept your peers and befriend them. Being a democrat or a republican is not a personality trait. You can be hospitable to someone who has the opposite views. We need to stop allowing our differences to separate a great nation.

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