Woman starts blog to share her engineering, content creation experience

Written by: Karina Jones

Ademusoyo Awosika-Olumo is a 27-year-old Black woman in engineering, a field dominated by white men. She is a senior full-stack product engineer for a marketing company, and she runs a blog on which she shares her experiences and gives others in her field and beyond tips on creative strategy, productivity, and technology. Along with bogging and engineering, Ademusoyo enjoys travel, yoga, running, and reading. She attended college at the University of Pittsburg, studying computer engineering.

Ademusoyo started her blog about a year ago. She says, “...I decided to start it because I wanted a place where I could capture my thoughts on everything that I like talking about in hopes that there would be a little bit of something that everyone can enjoy.” As her blog has grown, she has discovered her love for words and noticed how much her experience with blogging affects her daily life and interactions with people. She enjoys the creative aspect of blogging, and she loves the idea that her blog that hold so many of her personal thought and experiences may be read by future generations. She has started to consider blogging “something that I can really take seriously and grow,” and she is currently working to expand her brand. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone differently. For Ademusoyo it gave her more time to focus on blogging, and “has definitely shown me how hard it is to turn off work and it’s really important to take breaks and set healthy boundaries.”

In her job as a product engineer, Ademusoyo is currently working on improving features for the Website product offered by the company she works for. The new features will allow clients to add an option on their Websites where their customers can book appointments. Her favorite part of her engineering job is similar to her reason for loving blogging; the creativity and impact on other people. She describes coding as “Coding is so theoretical which oftentimes means you’re making something out of nothing which is really the fun of it all. I like being able to pull different concepts and patterns that I’ve seen before and put them to good use.”

Ademusoyo shared a few thoughts about being a woman of color in a white male dominated profession. She says it can be hard to feel like she truly belongs in this field, and it is hard to know exactly where and how far she can go in her career. She has struggled with undervaluing herself and feeling unable to stand up for herself. She says she sometimes feels isolated, but having a strong community around her has helped. She claims this community is one of the things she likes about being something of an anomaly in the fields of both business and engineering in this wonderful quote; “I like the intimate community that gets created because there are so few of us. Every time I see another Black Woman doing what I’m doing it’s like this unspoken acknowledgement that we see each other and we are rooting for each other.”

She was kind enough to share a specific experience she’s had within the industry:

“I’ve had an experience on a team where I felt like I wasn’t being heard and that another male on the team was just taking my ideas and using them as his own and it was really frustrating me. I was in a 1:1 with my manager and I was just expressing my frustration and he made me feel VALIDATED and HEARD and said that if I saw this continued behavior happening specifically to me (as a Black Woman Software Engineer) that he will make sure to have a conversation with their manager. At that moment I finally felt seen and understood that the experience of a Black Woman in Tech is something different and how having great allies can really make a difference.”

Ademusoyo is an inspiration herself, but she takes inspiration from the women in her family. “My mom and my sister really inspire me. I’ve watched my mother exude so much strength and sacrifice with so much grace that I hope that I can one day repay her for all that she’s done for me. My sister, who is younger than me, has always been so positive and funny and she is such a caring and nurturing person and she has been from such a young age. Both of them inspire me and push me to take on new challenges and keep me motivated to keep going even when I don’t feel like it.” She hopes to be well known in the tech industry and as a creative in media. You can support Ademusoyo by following her instagram (@ ademusoyo) and clicking the link in her bio to access more of her content and opportunities she provides.

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