Work still needs to be done for black justice

Written by: Rachelle Chery

Many people around the world are finally acknowledging racial injustice and white privilege by raising their voices against these wrongdoings. From the thousands of petitions, donations being made, and the numerous social media posts seeking to educate others about how they can contribute to the cause, I believe that real change is happening, but there is still so much more to be done.

The paintings of Black Lives Matter on streets, though they do bring awareness, do not change the fact that Breonna Taylor’s murderers still roam free, as well as the murderers of countless other precious Black lives, or that countless POCs are being murdered for the color of their skin. These demonstrative acts of solidarity seem to drown out the actual change that needs to be implemented in this country.

I live in Georgia, home of the seemingly great Stone Mountain Park, a place where hundreds of POCs work and where the KKK hold their meetings, proudly waving the confederate flag. I used to work there myself before the pandemic and there was not a day that I was working that I did not see a person with confederate flag paraphernalia. There were days where I feared going to work because of rumors of KKK meetings. It got to the point where employees were told not to come to work because of the threat of confederate rallies happening at the park.

Why is this still legal? Why is it that a domestic hate group is not seen as a terrorist group and traitors of the United States take pride in their flag which reminds us of a horrid past of slavery? As long as the Confederate Flag waves in this country, there will never be true justice for all because the flag is a visual representation that white supremacy lives on.

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