Zendaya's impact on generation Z

Written by: Gianna

If you grew up watching Disney Channel, you’ve probably heard of the prominent actor, singer, and influencer called Zendaya.

Many people across the globe have grown up watching the young actor rise to stardom as she starred in young shows and movies for a younger demographic. To name a few: K.C Undercover, Shake It Up, Zapped, and Frenemies.

And you may be wondering, what makes one Disney actress so different from the hundred of others? And yes, there are so many child actresses that it makes it hard to distinguish one from the rest. The amazing Euphoria actress matured and transitioned into her adulthood in a way that many of her peers could not.

And to be completely honest, it’s so hard to tell that the 22-year old we are praising today for her accomplishments in the same 18- year old who was acting in K.C Undercover.

So as we celebrate Zendaya’s recent Emmy win, let’s discuss Euphoria, her past works, and Euphoria’s impact on teenagers all across the world.

On the rare chance you don’t know what Euphoria is yet, Euphoria is a television series on HBO where the audience gets a look into the beautiful, messy, and disorganized lives of teenagers who are on the very chaotic journey which just so happens to be their lives.

Some people might be wondering, how do these teenagers relate to the teenagers in today’s generation? To an extent, I agree with you because not all teenagers are dealing with recovery fromdrug addictions.

But most teenagers are dealing with carrying the heavy burden of high expectations from their parents, most teenagers cope with difficult struggles, and many teenagers are forced to deal with issues regarding their parents. So many teenagers are pushed into big issues that they have to juggle and cope with in their lives, and we always feel like we’re the only ones in the entire world dealing with our issues.

But we’re not.

So many contemporary teenage shows often try their best to sugarcoat the sensitive topics, not wanting to delve deep in the real issues of the world, and instead staying safe in their bubble of humor and comedic relief.

Euphoria manages to explore these explicit and and dark themes, all while having that young sense of adolescence and unfiltered realness that the audience has gravitated towards so easily.

The HBO drama series might be narrated by Rue, but she is surrounded by group of wild and unique supporting characters, all of whom work together to help make the television series the masterpiece that it’s praised to be.

One of the supporting characters is known to be Kat, a woman who at the beginning of the series used to be a self- conscious, quiet friend surrounded by a group of popular teenagers. As her character progresses, we are able to see her finally realizing the power she holds within her, and she begins to grow to be a free and liberated woman, not afraid of what people think of her size or anything about her. Her powerful outfits that constantly made a statement were proof of this, evidence of her breaking out of her shell and truly being herself. Through Maddy’s character, we are able to see understanding the difference between love and toxicity, and learning how to break away the toxic and abusive relationship that she was in with Nate.

These are only a few of the characters shown in the series, but each of them represent something that teenagers struggle with and deal with every single day. The topics presented in the show might’ve seemed excessive or too explicit for it’s audience, but it opened up a door where teenagers can understand that they are not alone in life, in their struggles, in anything. There are billions of people in the world, and none of them live perfect or simple lives, no matter what background they came from.

Euphoria helped start this conversation and helped us realize these important things, and hopefully it will make more statements and trends with its characters as well as the iconic makeup that all of our eyes were blessed with.

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